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launch your startup

Startup Development

Whether you’re starting with a single concept statement or just a great idea, we can help you realize that vision and create real tangible requirements and a plan of execution that will take you from whiteboard, to launch, and beyond.


The lean methodology is our preferred method in a startup development scenario. We apply processes to mitigate chaos, create efficiency before moving on to discovery and project planning. Through an in depth analysis of your ideas we can effectively eliminate uncertainties and write high level requirements which we then use to generate fully delineated requirements of your most valuable features.

Modernize Your Business

We constantly monitor the latest trends and specialize in revamping legacy systems by modernizing aging infrastructure, providing cutting edge design, and adding accessible functionality to breathe new life into your site and your business.


If your current technology implementation is more than a few years old it’s more than likely that a refresh is needed. Trends in functionality and look and feel constantly evolve, and without paying attention to current trends your business can rapidly appear stagnant and outdated. Poor design and lack of support for modern devices can limit accessibility, and limited functionality can prevent you from fully leveraging your web presence.

modernize your business
grow your business

Grow Your Business

Can new technology help me delivery my products in new and novel ways? Can technology help me create new products for my business where none existed before? Are we using current technology to maximize our web presence? Is my current technical infrastructure robust enough to support projected and rapid growth? These are all good questions and ones we can help answer.


We can leverage significant expertise of both technology and business development to help you think out of the box, and create truly synergistic relationships between current technology and your business. This is one of our key strengths and differentiators and not one you will easily find elsewhere.

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